Vocational Training

The purpose of  Loveland Academy’s Vocational Training Program is to provide students
with Autism and other special needs a program to develop skills that can be used to earn

The Vocational Program targets both academic and career skills. Vocational experiences
are available to students depending on the individual’s abilities, interests and values.
Vocations presently taught are:
  • ·        Fish Farming
  • ·        Recycle
  • ·        Vending Machine Service
  • ·        Cooking and Food Preparation
  •         General Cleaning
  •         Laundry Program
  •         Shopping Program
  •         Recycle Program
  •         Shredding program
  •         Yard Service Program
  •         Dog Training Program
  •         Hydroponics Program

General Skill to Improve Job Search and Job Application

  •        Community Transportation Program, Bus ride & street crossing
  •        Communication Skills
  •        Computing Skills
  •        Resume writing
  •        Typing Skills
  •        Check writing skills
  •        Bank Deposits
  •        Postal skills for post office delivery

General Skills
  • ·        Lunch outings
  • ·        Daily hygiene
  • ·        Environmental maintenance
  • ·        Independent living skills

Pre-Vocational Program