The Day Treatment program is designed to build skills in a natural and appropriate context
so children will be able to identify the appropriate skills and behaviors needed for specific
situations at home, at school, and in the community.  
The program focuses on special education and vocational/pre vocational training for children
and young adults who need 1:1 attention. Parents and staff members collaborate to create an
individualized treatment plan, which addresses educational modalities and special services
used to meet the needs of each child and family.
The services of full-time, on site staff members in speech, mental health and occupational
therapy are available to all students and are integrated into the program. The program provides
opportunities to promote physical, cognitive, emotional, social, academic, and communication
development by providing the appropriate environment, programming, curriculum, therapies,
staffing, and supervision.

The main goal of the Day Treatment program is to aid in the development of social skills, play
skills, and communication skills.  Curriculum, services, and activities are planned around
these goals.  The program is also revised annually to ensure that goals are aligned with what
is happening in the program.

In the Day Treatment program clients are put into Homerooms with others of similar age,
ability, and need.  Classes are small and generally range from 3-6 children.  During the day,
children are taught academics as well as life skills.  They are given an opportunity to participate
in hands on practice of everyday skills that can be translated into living a more independent life.
 A few services include:
·        Vocational skills
·        Occupational skills
·        Recreational skills
·        Social Skills
·        Community living skills
·        Cultural diversity awareness
Day Treatment Program